Sci-fi Marine character

Just decided to post on here my latest model in blender…

Before I go in depth of what this is for here is my blog- Please comment or post feedback, would help in the long run… Thanks

-It took me at least 3 weeks to get it from a model to a textured model and rigged.
Its probably 65% done I can say. I still have to learn more texturing techniques to apply to the body. The torso wasnt easy to do. The head was easy and im suprised that I didnt need to use projection painting to have a face… Its all drawn on there using Pixalmator(Only for mac osx)

This character model will be in place of the humans. We will have a male and female model. I plan on creating a helmet for the character as well.
Feedback would be much appreciated…
By f1rst18 at 2012-04-08
By f1rst18 at 2012-04-08
By f1rst18 at 2012-04-08

Its for a game project thats basically humans vs aliens. These aliens have 3 limbs and are fast. The humans can upgrade weaponry when they get more kills as they progress and its multiplayer… If you want more details and or want to play the alpha just email me at- [email protected]

I’ve updated my texture am and I plan on creating normls with mechanical sculpting Techniques

Nice can’t wait to play the game.