Sci-fi mech : Guardian (drastical update on page 2)

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Hi there
I’m working on a new sci-fi scene. Here is a mech I’m building up now.

I don’t put a direct picture link because it’s a bit big (1000*550). Hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

I’m trying to find some stuff to put in his back. The upper back is a bit empty at the moment.

I’m not so sure about the pistons on the legs. They’re a bit thin to move such huge legs. But if I make them bigger, they won’t fit in there. I’d like to know if you like it or not. if not, I’ll find something to fill the gap they would leave.

If you see any thing else, just tell. Please don’t simply answer :“Cool” or something. I really love when people appreciate my stuff, but if you like it, help me make it even better and make constructive comments. Thanks.
(If you can’t help, just go. I prefer “cool” than nothing ;))


cool :wink: . as you said i find the back emty too. maybe you can add some oil tanks on the back for the hydrolics. the only thing im asking is how to move those guns. they dont have a significant arm to move them. the pistons look a bit weak to move those big legs and supporting the body. id change them.

how does the mech see where is going or see what it’s shooting at?
maybe put some armor in the back so no one has access to the

Friedbrain, not all robots need cameras for eyes. Some have infrared and some have radar and some have sonar (this goes for those real life robots too %| ).

I like it, it seems to be a very original design for a mech. Good work IgorSandman!

awesome mech dewd :smiley:

very nice!

for the legs, put two of those same pistons side by side, that’d look sweet i think.

Really nice design! I really like what you came up with in the last days!

One thing I think is weird, the arm are held by several “wire” things which don’t necessarly (spelling?!?) look strong enough. I would like if they could fit wit hthe overall design more. If you could find a way to make them look like the legs. I’ll try to think of something, and if I do come up with something I’ll paint over and post here. I’m just pointing out that it looks “weak” to me…

Keep it up it looks great!

yeaaaah like the style !
can’t for it to be textured :slight_smile:

His centre of balance is off, as though he’s about to land on his butt. Even though he doesn’t have one.

I’m going to disagree with you on the leg pistons, however the main shanks look as though they’re going to break :expressionless: This comes from engineering experience with Lego…

Hey, thanks for your comments. I’ll try to reply to everyone without forgetting anything.

Mifune: He can rotate the guns up and down and he turns him self to aim to the right and left. hmm… Let’s say he needs to face his opponent to be efficient. (I love sci-fi, you can invent any reason for any situation :))

friedbrain: The mech sees without eyes. It’s a futuristic method, I don’t know yet, so I can’t explain it to you. :wink: About the box, no need to protect it. it just contains his teeth brush and a sleeping bag.

howitzer: yeah sonar! that’s it. thanks dude.

Rolando: awesome comment dewd :smiley:

traitor: I’ll try with two pistons on each legs. that sounds like a good idea. thanks.

x-warrior: those wires aren’t there to attach the guns on the mech. there attached to it just between the body and the gun (we can’t see it on the picture). They are meant to bring ennergy to the gun or maybe to activate the rotation or something like that. They’re just electric wires. if you want to post a design of yours just go, maybe that will help anyway. Merci mec.

[email protected]_: … Thanks

fudje: Ok I’ll design a butt then :wink: Just kidding. It might look out of balance, but I think it depends on the weight of the body it self. I think it has a more dramatic pose like that. Lego rocks. Thanks for your comment.

So I guess that this is it.
Thank you all for your crits. I’ll keep posting when I’ve got something new.

interesting design. i had a hunch it was going to be roughly egg shaped. :slight_smile: really nice job on the feet.

Thanks for your flawless support, Mo’.

ooohh i like this, the legs look really good. and as far as something to put on the back… how about some batteries? :stuck_out_tongue: kind of looks like a toy :wink:

Here’s a new render. Finishing slowly :slight_smile:

The light brown stuff are still to be textured and I need to add more grass here and there.
C+C welcome.

could you make a render of the back of your robot. id like to see what you have changed at the back. (unless its not worth the effort :smiley: ). your scene has lots of potentional. arms look better from this viewpoint :wink: .

The meck looks awesome. Can you render a fly around animation of it alone? Would really like to see all of it.

The particle grass is really looking bad. Sorry. You should try Beast or Fiber Script to get better results.

Are you going to texture this thing up, or just leave it like you did your last robot?


i think the arch needs to be thicker.

Here’s a render of the mech alone, from different points of view:
Not much changed from the first wip picture. that’s why I didn’t post it.

BgDM I’ll texture the mech. And about the grass, I’ll think about it. You’re right it doesn’t looks good.

Thanks for your coments. I need to improve this pic.

nice eggbot :slight_smile: but please, put it in a different envronment! make it a little more dirty, pose it as if it was running or shooting during a jump… the surroundings need to be much darker, and maybe an asymmetrically placed evil red “eye” could make it look more bottish… (i admit, i saw too much matrix, virus and stuff).

good work anyway


Thats cool, I can’t wait till the finished rendering is complete. And I see you added those extra pistons like Trator suggested. Cool.