Sci Fi Medical Bay


This is my first image with blender (though I do have experience with other software) It’s a medical bay in some kind if Sci Fi environment, the doctor monitors the patients in the pods by sitting in the chair at the center.

Please let me know what you think, thanks!

High res images:


Wow - that is awesome. Is that Blender internal? What settings? Did you do post processing?

Very nice texturing job.

Absolutely Amazing texturing job…

Oh, thats tasty :eyebrowlift:

well done!

Great light!

Great work! It looks like Master Chief might come out of one of those pods…

Thanks all for your comments!

Yes it’s Blender internal, the images where rendered at 2304x968 (will post high res images if i can figure out how) Post processing wise I did some small adjustments using blenders compositor, just some levels and a fog glow. :slight_smile:

Added high res images to my original post. :slight_smile:

I absolutely like these images. Color palette and mood is exactly on my line.

Could be straight out of a movie, that’s even more so by the aspect ratio you’ve chosen.

That’s awesome! Texturing, materials, lighting, its all perfect (especially the use of the indirect light). 5* from me :wink:

Reminds me a lot of Mass effect’s type of environments. Any chance you may have gotten your inspiration from those type of games? Hehe

Looks great, love sci-fi futuristic scenes, and this one was well thought through. Great job!

Ouch! Great work.

That’s very nice… it is new initiative to give better treatment to patients by regular monitoring them from own cabin… Their is a Supplier of Orthopedic Implantswho too are very aggressive to come with new ideas in medical field

Dedicated work… It could be seen in a quality sf movie, surely.

I do not know if this was the aim but it generates a feel of fear also. It looks like a high tech enquiry chamber in some totalitarian regime. Its so dark hue combined with the so haughty standing chairs around the ‘diagnosis’ apparatus result in making the spectator have such a feel maybe.