SCI-FI Meshes condones censorship

Hi all,

Just wanted to warn you all about the website SCI-FI Meshes and their practice of censorship of free speech, free opinion, free thought.

A friend of mine just got banned, for life, because some little basement dweller calling themself “samurai” or some such didn’t agree with his opinion of the new ST:Discovery.

Of course he was given the speech about how SFM is an “open-minded forum” - but apparently not!

Either way, I’m done with them. If they’re going to call themselves “open-minded” and then pull that censorship stuff, to hell with that.

Be careful what you say over there, BIG BROTHER is monitoring you… 1984 in full effect at SFM.

Does anybody know how a moderator would be able to view the behavior of a user on other websites? Is that even possible?

Because I just checked SFM and that mod that banned my friend is talking trash and telling other users that my friend was a “typical keyboard warrior” after a “cursory check on his/her behavior”, which is simply not true.