Sci-fi panel

My first try at sci-fi. If you think of any why to improve this please let me know.

The image misses a focal point. What are you trying to show, whats the story. Or is it more like a technical image?
Your shaders need improvement, not enough gloss, the colors seem to be too satured, and the grunge or smudge textures are used very unconsistent. On the one side of the beam there is texture on the other side seemingly plain grey. And don’t only use them for the diffuse shader, try using textures with the factor input of the Mix Shader for example (Although I don’t know if you used cycles or not). And bevel the edges, hard corners like that pretty much don’t exist in real world.
Finally lighting is kind of boring and flat, try to put your light source at more extreme angle towards the camera, use different light colors, and try focusing the eye to a certain area in your image. Right now the eye is drawn to the right, since this the brighter part of the image.
Just a have look at some reference images of movies and games, to get an idea of how their lighting works.
And perhaps you should move this to the WiP Thread, to get more replies.
Happy Blending

it looks like a scene form star trek tos. one thing thatyou can change easily are the hard edges. try to use bevelmodifiers or a normalmap to make the edges look less sharp

Thanks for your help.