Sci-Fi Portrait: Captain Smith

It has been 4 months on and off. Blender definitely did not disappoint at all. Quite an intuitive 3D application to use and definitely another tool for my arsenal.

This image is 99% raw render, straight from Blender Render, with only 1% color correction in post Photoshop. My main goal for this project was to get to know how good Blender Subsurface Scattering works and let me tell you, it blew my mind. It worked perfectly with no flaws. The settings are easy to setup and I really enjoyed every single step from start to finish of this personal project.

I could go on and on but to keep it short and simple, the biggest challenge was to come up with the right Human color skin in Mudbox / Photoshop. I painted countless color skins and each time when I though it was right, the next one was better…and so on…

As a fanatic of everything SCI-FI, at the end, I decided to make an armor-like for him, glossy, crystal, semi-transparent organic feel.

Thank you.