Sci-fi Portrait

Was messing around with a head I modeled for an animation class I’m in and decided to make some sort of sci-fi portrait for fun.

I’m running low on ideas for stuff to add, so if you have some suggestions, shoot them my way.

Here’s what I have so far:


Stitch on the top of his head.
Speakers for ears
A Usb port
But really it looks good as it is, you can call it good. I think.

@kazinger: Thank you for the suggestions I do like the speakers for ears idea and I might have to implement that somehow

Few updates: added more tubes. Can’t have a good sci-fi character without tubes right?

Working on the upper torso as of right now.

You can replace the right/left glasses like here for the right/left side only. Happy blending!

Sorry if my English is bad.

Small update. Blocked in a few more details on the torso. I think I’m going to do some sort of ear piece next.

Another small update. Will probably start texturing soon.