Sci-fi/Post Apocalyptic Girl WIP

So I’m working on texturing this project which I started two weeks ago and have been laboring on almost every day on this model, which is for a portfolio application to a school, but now I can’t figure out what kind of coat I should do. I plan to add orange hair of a short/medium length in the hood.

 Obviously this is just a rough WIP and in no way representative of the final image because there's some weird business going on in the hood as well and I plan to bake everything except lighting and then render in cycles. I got the trial version of crazybump but I can't figure out for the life of me what fabric/ details the coat should have. Obviously it needs some kind of clasps or buttons etc. I can't decide on the color either. 

 The original idea was to have it be inspired a little by scifi jumpsuits and hazmat suits as well but the coat just doesn't look very exciting in the same colors as the undersuit. It doesn't stand out enough. In case it helps, the gloves will be white leather with blue highlights the same color as the blue suit there and the gas mask will definitely be white as well.

 I'm trying to keep the color palette simpler to make sure all the colors go together well. The vest will be a white with a plastic bulletproof vest texture hopefully. Also any suggestions as to how to increase the realism along the way would be very helpful since I've never done this before. 

I might do the coat in a brown and add as much detailing as possible to make it look very used/worn since I’m kind of going for a post apocalyptic feel. I imagined her originally living on a junk planet where people would discard all their garbage which has grown too toxic to breathe but not entirely uninhabitable.