Sci-Fi/Postapocalyptic VFX short [Very long W.I.P]

To be honest i’ve started learning 3d and blender with a thought in my mind that i would do this short.
There were not any concepts before and any particular looks, but i had basic idea and basic script.
Few month ago i’ve decided that my skills are ready to do that short, and my favorit software is capable to produce picture that i need (with all my hardware capabilities)

Recently i’ve started doodling with Dyntopo, and posted This Concept of my Creature(alien):

It was lizardish alien, but in my script it should be amphibian, so i’ve started redoing it.
Tried this:

but ended up with this concept(i find it more o less finished, maybe will add some basic SSS):

This creature can’t exists in our atmosphere so it should wear water/airtight armor.
There were lots of tries and fails untill i got some hard surface that doesn’t sucks alot:

Then i found that my geometry is too heavy, so i have to optimize my geometry(retopoed):

And i still wasn’t quite happy with the armor, so i started blocking out new armor:

But for the moment i ended up with this(and i’m pretty happy with it):

The main issue i’ve faced is Armor joints!
i don’t know how to make mechanical joint that would fit rules like: airtight, hollow but fluid and had 4-5 degrees of freedom
post any thoughts, i hope fresh point of view could give me answers, thanks!

Question is where are you placing the joints. Are you placing them in the usual areas like the arms and legs?

yep, the main issue is shoulder joint.
Sphere joints looks awkward :frowning: so i need something different

Good work. Your models are pretty good, especially the 2nd.

thanks alot!

I reworked some chest plate, and added arm protection

I can design armor pretty fast that deforms well, your organic skills are amazing, I am making a game that is in fact, post-apocalyptic and sci-fi, I have not settled on a name yet,

I need someone of your skill for mutants, humans, and mutant animals…
this is one of my riggs, its not a so good,

here is a very ruff hinged/telescoping/rubberized elbow joint, the best advice I have is to look at the newest space suits,


Jointed.blend (483 KB)

here is a quickfiredout terrible demonstrator


Jointed2.blend (488 KB)

It doesn’t have to be a complete sphere, just enough to give that part some protection.

definetly it would have spherical geometry, but it should be more complex machinery rather than two spheres sliding one inside other

Add surface detail if you like, but don’t make it more complex than it needs to be.

Coming along nicely , I think that I’ll keep an eye on this thread :slight_smile:

Crap on a stick that looks awesome.

wow,I like the texture on this alot.Any modelling tips on how you did the tubes?

and did you make the honeycomb texture yourself for the helmet?

I don’t really remember how i was modeling that tube. i did one ‘scales’ thingy. Then rotated it a bit. Added few array modifiers(empty object as a guide for twisting and shifting) and then bend along curve.
For honey comb i modeled one instance of hexagon and then used arrays. Prerendered as a mask and saved image. Inverted it in Gimp. It works for bumps as a charm.