SCI-FI Robot

Hi all,


I have been asked to create a SCI-FI robot for marketing purposes. They want a head & shoulders only shot. I would welcome your CC on this in it’s current iteration. My main problem is with the gas masks material. It seems off. Maybe you could suggest a material to study and replicate. I tried carbon fiber however it is too glossy. Also they preffered a Chrome version. However I explained that with a black background, the chrome would look odd as Chrome reflects its surrondings, it wouldn’t fit right espcially with decals on. What do you think.


Galvanised steel might look good :slight_smile:

For both shots (colored and chrome) you could add some sort of rim light that highlights the back parts of the head more against the black background.

But I have more of a conceptual question:
What need would a robot have for a gas mask (or any other breathing apparatus, for that matter)?

Cheers, I’ll give this a try :slight_smile:

Ok nice one, looks better!

Haha yeah I know its a bit odd for a robot. Basically when I first sculpted it, the ‘nose’ part is incredible long, and the panel below it made it look like there was a mouth there so the face looked too long. So I put the mask there to hide the fact that its a really silly design fault.

I see…:wink:

If someone else asks, try this (came to my mind recently):
The robot needs a way to dissipate the heat produced by the electronic components in its insides. Therefore it “breathes” in and out like a living organism (cold air in, hot air out). When working in hostile environments, it needs an external filtering system in order to prevent the entering air from e. g. corroding internal systems…:smiley:

Or even better: In very hot environments it needs an external air cooling device to dissipate the heat!


That’s a great idea :slight_smile: