Sci-Fi room in Cryengine 3

That’s REALTIME? These look too realistic to even be photographs.

Awesome!! I want to do something similar in Cryengine.

Hard to say really, probably about 2 months but most of this wasn’t actual modelling but rather concepting trying different things.
Technically I didn’t mode/texture the whole scene, but I made individual assets and exported them to CE3.

You don’t export .blend files, here’s everything you need.

I am loving this, all of this is so full of win.

5 stars from me.

How many FPS did you have while in this scene?

Impressive stuff. Well done!

Now render in Cycles too for comparison…

So uhh… :confused: Hmm.
It really is, an ideal concept/design all around. Great style and it looks too good to be a game. I love it man.
Just makes me think ‘Wow I’m sh*t, I’ll never be that good’.

Got any tips? Haha.


wath tutorials did you follow to make this amazing level?

Really goood work!

Fascinating. Though I wonder why there seems to be no shadows. Look at the panels emitting light from the ceiling. The trees and leaves don’t seem to project any shadows nor do the flags. Perhaps you would need to bake shadow maps or something?

Its a lovely mix of natural and man made forms. The lighting sets the atmosphere i think you were trying to create. All those fly eating plants, is it in space? do they have a problem with flies on that space station?? :wink:


You’re right I didn’t turn on the shadows on all the lights not to kill the performance, but now
that I see it It really could help so I might do something about it.

Btw, here the challenge for abc123 aka endi, who implies BGE is an awesome game engine - why don’t you make a scene that looks as good as this one and performs as good too (with shadowmapped shadows) in BGE ?

just amazing, loved it.

BGE needs an output to soar, something like an “export as encripted .exe”; not everybody wants to work for creative-commons/open-sorurce.

I work with open source. Open source engine is not the same as open source game. You can have FOSS tech, but the game still not FOSS due to proprietary assets.

I’m very interested in what you say…

pm me if you have questions

non perfect photoreal, so you must use cycles with 500 hours of render per frame