Sci-fi scene: Gunner

Here is my last picture. It’s inspired by the production IG style.

The background and the mech were done in blender. The guy on the right was done in photoshop. I also did a lot of post prod in PS like the smoke, lights, shadows…

Big thanks to Aner for his tutorial on toon shading and for his help on #blenderchat.

Hope you like it.

PS: Here is another picture just for fun :slight_smile:

Great result! I think i like the first image better. the second one is too bright and plain.

Turned out pretty good. I like the style.

The AO on the ceiling kind of ruins the effect I think though.



Awesome dude, btw is it a drawing or render? :wink: I really like the toon shading, it’s really awesome, and nice cartoon style too :smiley:

Where is this tutorial?

looks great! it fits perfectly!

That’s great. It’s always refreshing to see actual personal style. Me, I don’t have the skills to have style. :-?