Sci- Fi scene

This is my first thread :slight_smile:
I would like to show you my latest work. Basically, it contains also my previous models (spaceships).
My aim is to learn what to improve or change. I am still learning and for sure there are lot of mistakes in my renders :smiley:
However, I hope you will find it interesting :wink:

overall good, but first thing that you need to change is that the ship looks like a wreck with all the scratches and displacements (although the textures look good :)) a window would not get foggy in space, because it is a vacuum (well, almost a vacuum)
is the smoke supposed to be from another spaceship shooting at the ship? if so, you should move the smoke more into view and put a hole under it so you can see that something got blown up (or at least broken). the red lights look very flat and 2d because of the single red color. also the circuitry on the wall took me a while to recognize because its scratched up and not shiny enough.

other than that looking good :slight_smile:

Thanks for your opinion. I wanted to work a little bit on making objects look old and used. Maybe it should be called โ€˜Forgotten stationโ€™ or something like that :wink:

I have changed a few things :smiley:
I think it looks better now:

It is supposed to look like a wreck :slight_smile: Abandoned space station or something like that.

is the fog meant to be paint? it completely obscures the planet in some spots. but if you wanted it to look like a wreck, your textures are awesome :slight_smile:

Yes, it meant to be paint or just some kind of dirt.
Clean window showed a nice view at the space, however my point was to make it look very old and neglected.