Sci fi short - modeling, lighting, texturing

Hello all,
I am been working in Cinema 4D as a motion graphics artist for a while now. I am directing a scifi short I am need of uping the realism level to which I think blender is a much better tool.
What would I would be needing:
Most of ship models have been built however I would need them to be re textured in Blender. Possibly a few elements added to them.
I would also need a laboratory modeled up, lit and textured. There will be a ship crashing through the ceiling so there will be some destruction elements. Lab is dimly lit to hopefully help with the blend of live action green screen.
We would collaborate on the animation.
I would take care of the rendering.
This is being funded by me at the moment, however I am looking to start putting together a team that would help me accomplish making a pretty bad ass little short.

Still looking for someone? I could definitely do what you are looking for here.

Hey, I am a good sci-fi modeler and would love to help you, I am actually on vacation so I only have a couple image works, but here they are (sci-fi is my fav. to model). I really think I could do a good laboratory if you need, just give me call and tell me what you need.