Sci-fi short movie: Noega ente les domines ...

Hi, it’s been a while since my last post. This time I introduce you a short film I was assigned to do. I’ve been working on it for the last month and a half. It’s all Blender internal rendering engine, I didn’t want Cycles to make my computer explode! My bad, I’ll give Cycles a try next time. :smiley:

Both links are the same video, you can watch either one of them or both, as you wish. At Vimeo there’s an extensive description of the story line, and quality is a bit better.

Please comment, whether you like it or not. I learn a lot from good criticism, and I like to know when someone finds my work valuable…


I would’ve gone nuts if I had to hear that on my way to Jupiter and back! I’m surprised that no one actually stopped him from playing!

Haha, you don’t want to hear him sing then!! C’mon XeroShadow, I’m only responsible for the visual stuff. Any comment on that?

The entire animation was smooth and I like the part where the lights went out when the sun rose. Good job.

It looked really good. I’m sorry I just couldn’t listen to it the whole way through. The only thing I thought thought was a little off was the fingers seemed pretty blocky? too symetrical and square at the tips, for what it’s worth.

I really liked the music, but the animation was rad! Did you work on it alone or with others? It looks really finished.

i liked the ship, and the stuff with the satelite but i didn’t see what was supposed to be happening. that efect of the sun coming into view across earth’s surface was good.

@XeroShadow: Thanx! And don’t worry, Asturian bagpipes have the same effect on some people. We Asturians are used to them :wink:

@Ocyd: Yes, I agree. Hands are a tricky issue, but I prefered the fingers blocky better than too feminine. I wish I had added some wrist motion, too, but I animated the hands with shapekeys applied only to the fingers, to make the whole thing easier. Thanks!

@John.Delannoy: Thank you! I did it all by myself, except for the music. Team-work is one of my personal goals for a lifetime. I think I’ll get good at it soon, because I really miss working with other people :slight_smile:

@jagdpanther: The description at Vimeo tells the storyline. I like the subtlety of Kubrick’s Space Odyssey movies, with slow-paced camera movements and an ambiguous message, if no message at all. That’s why the result is so cryptic. It’s not the way movies are made nowadays, I can tell, but I can’t get away from my own tastes or my client’s. I’m also aware that there’s room for improvement in the way the movie is told, so thank you for your comment. I take note.