Sci-fi Soldier

That’s a great model. I’m looking forward to seeing it textured an lit.

GReast model, reminds me of FF:the spirits within… is based off that?

It isn’t actually based on anything in particular, it is just something I came up with myself :slight_smile: I think it is the eye bits of the mask that are probably what make it resemble the FF soldiers the most.

really brillant work
in my opinion you have reached the ranks of basse, @ndy, and LohnC
great stuff

nice work man tell u what it remeinds me of it reminds me of that new game on ps2 killzone i thuink it looks a bit like one of the mercenary dudes

Kick @ss!!!Rock on!!!Now thats a soldier.

Great work. Reminds me of the FF soldiers, and also the HalfLife 2 soldiers. Looking forward to seeing more.

Really impressive!

Did you use any reference?

Nope, just bulit it as I went along :slight_smile:

looks great… in what style are you going to texture it? clean fashion? rusty/dirty fashion?