Sci-Fi Soldier

Hi everyone!
My name is Riccardo and this is my first WIP thread on this forum!
I’m working on my portfolio and this project will be part of it. He’s a sci-fi soldier, the final render will be a face close up of his face, he will have a helmet and other equipment that i haven’t designed yet (actually just few early sketches).
Currently i’m working on his head and skin shader in Cycles.

Here are some concept sketches, maybe the design will totally change, i hope you like them!


Here is a render of the head. The details and the textures are sculpted and paintend in Z-Brush, the rendering is done in Blender Cycles. There are still some issuess to fix: Lack of detail on upper lips and I don’t like his eyes yet, they need work!

great head, man. I like the sneer. having some subtle expression is always good. there seems to be a subtle 5 o’clock shadow / stubble texture, but it could be a shade darker for the diffuse, just so it’s a bit more noticeable.

That’s a great bust, for sure. You’ve got a pretty unique helmet design there, too. It looks a little bulky and heavy to be entirely practical, but it still looks pretty cool. Looks like its based loosely on the Ops Core FAST Base Jump helmet- am I right?

In the words of my people what you have so far is wikked pissah. (yes… that’s a good thing)

The helmet you have is what along the lines of what I’ve been trying (and failing so far) to create myself. Looks really good.

Great work on the sculpt and the concept! That facial expression really adds a lot to the character. I’m not entirely sure about the eyes, but I think the eye slits should be a little bigger to show more of the iris. You could also try to give them more of a bag below and a subtly darker purple color around them.

A great start and welcome to the forums.

Thanks everyone for the comments! I updated the eyes, added some subtle purple color around them as suboptimal suggested and some wetness geometry between the eyelids and the eyeball. I also changed the sclera color that was too dark. Here is a render without the skin shader, just for quicker render time, I hope it’s better now. I’ll post another render with skin shader as soon as possible!


Here is the skin shader rendering with new eyes!


the skin is fantastic, really well done

Thanks, for those who are interested, here is the skin shader node tree so far.

For Zokk, no i just sketched freehand without any reference, but your link is very useful, thanks. I think i will make some research on military helmet to get some inspiration!

Modron, I don’t understand what you mean, if you have time, could you mark the image so i can get it please?


Update! I tweaked the skin shader and the oily specular map and redid the eyes textures from scratch. I hope the iris color and bump are more natural now!


Time to do the beard and hair stuff. I need some help. I’m struggling with blender’s hair system. I simply don’t seem to find a way to style the beard.

I created a vertex group and used it when i created the particle system on my model.I am trying different solutions:

-Starting with few hairs and use interpolated children, It looks a good option at first glance but It seems like blender ignores every edit made in particle edit mode when using it. Am I missing anything or is there a way to use interpolated children without losing particle edits (like combings and manually added hairs) ?

-Emit more hair particles and use simple children, but It seems impossible to keep the hairs length when i comb it. When i emit particles hair they seem to be very short or somewhat inbedded in the model, but when i comb them the pop out (You can compare te length of the hairs between viewport and render view). And also there are some “Crazy” hairs that apperar (I’m not sure but they seem to pop when i switch between multires subdivisions) you can see them in the bottom right area of the jaw.

Have you got any suggestions on how to control hair children in an accurate and controllable way without having to place every hair by hand? Thanks in advance!


try turning up the emission values, then fooling with the damping value. maybe that will help calm down those wild hairs. also if it’s just a few crazy hairs, you can go into grooming mode, and from there go into vertex select mode and delete some of the hair segments manually.
(edit) also you may want to use more than one emitter, one short and fuzzy for coverage, and one longer and more combed for directional appearance.

Ok, I think I’ve found a way! :yes:


Thanks modron, I didn’t notice that you answered me! I eventually used interpolated children combined with weight maps, thanks for your help!

Now i’m working on the eyelashes, they still need some work!


I need help again!:(. I created a strip of polygons that fit on the right lower eyelid as an emitter for eyelashes hair particles, now i duplicated it and moved it on the left eyelid, but i noticed that the particle system attached to the copy is the same, so if i change some settings on one eyelid, they change also on the other one. Is it possible to duplicate the geometry that carries a unque copy of the particle system?

Update! Next Step: Eyebrows!


about the duplicating, I think you’ll want to select the new one, and press ctrl U, which gives you a menu to specify user exclusive data / materials / etc. I THINK it’s ctrl U…been awhile. then you can adjust the emittors independently of one another.

Thanks Modron, I’ll try that! Meanwhile an eyebrows attempt…