sci-fi spaceship flame without particles

i would like to make a spaceship flame without using particles or simulations, preferably not in cycles. i have tried a cone emitting light and turning the transparency down and using a global texture to displace it as it moves through space and then blurring it in the node editor,that looked ok but not what i was looking for. if there was an easy way to put a gradient down the flame it would make it look better but i’m not sure how to do that. i’m not very picky about how it exactly looks. any methods?

I was messing around a bit with the way you are doing it and i found that if you use keyframes to make the flame change color you can get a nice gradient effect on it with the motion blur…

Another way you could try is perhaps have overlapping transparent shapes in different shades of red or orange? thats essentially what the particles would do, but if you animate them to swirl around a bit and use motion blur you might be able to get a good effect…

You might also want to look into the “volume” materials, and perhaps make some dense bright red smokish stuff closer to the ship and a yellower further away to look like some flames? I kinda tried this, seems like it would work nice but i dont know much about volume materials…

How did you keyframe the color? That looks pretty good

You can keyframe almost any setting in blender by pressing “i” while your mouse is on the setting. In this case i had a keyframe for the colors red and orange. I had to position the keyframes pretty close to each other in order to get a visible effect in the render.

so on the top picture you have to transparent objects together with different colors?

Here is a blend file with the method i used in the top picture. You can render it at frame 9 or 10 to see whats happening.
Because this method relies on motion blur it might not work well in an animation, There is probably an easier way to do it but im not sure. The flame is also kinda dark in my opinion, so you might need to adjust the material a bit.

In the second picture i used multiple shapes with different volume materials.

what would be the best way to make a glowing sort of rocket like could i make a emitting circle and then move it to a separate render layer and blur it?

this is what i came up with from the glare node. i think that will work.

Hi. Could you explain the glare node concept? Is this in BI or Cycles? I’d prefer Cycles but am curious of your process. Thank you.

I just put the image into the glare node and then used the mix node set to add to add it back into the image, look at the settings on the glare node and the settings in the render layer menu. the settings on the glare node are mix1 ththreshold 0 size nine.