"Sci-Fi Sport Helmet"

Blender Cycles 2.77a

Materials from Cycles Material Vault.

Mmmm… nice :slight_smile: I see you are trying hard :slight_smile:

Some things, though: the concept overall is a bit underdeveloped, or may be I am just used to seeing those bad-ass helms with multiple strange details sticking out from everywhere

Rust looks a bit unpleasant, like dirt that got stuck in holes.

Scratches and rust affect the helm uniformly, which is not good, I’d say. Edges are usually more affected (may be it is worth using Pointness attribute in Cyecles as a mask for such damage?).

Also, glorifying and a bit glamorous (because of strarry blur on hologramms) post-processing looks a bit strange on such a bitten up thing :slight_smile:

But I see you are trying and working hard. And it will pay off! :slight_smile:

I like it! Yes, the weathering looks (application wise) more like a pattern that might have been part of the original paintwork.
Love the hologram, but don’t fell it’s being emitted from the helmet due to lack of ray vivisibility (you could add/up this a bit still?)
On a more general composition, I feel it’s just a tad in your face and difficult to focus on an area of the image…pull it bback just slightly?

Overall though, I really like the saturation you’ve kept- it’s a very nice aesthetic and look forward to seeing more:D

Thanks for comment Margenta and Jim Trim.
The theme of inspiration for this image was “Sci-fi Sport”. It was a quick job to do and that is why the model does not have many eccentricities (@Margenta).
Materials derived from CMV (Cycles Material Vault). In this case they are almost “pure” and there have been very few modifications. Maybe I could have worked a little more than that, but I wanted to see the result of this mode.
By now the image I give by finished, but pointed me your suggestions if I decide to take it up.
Thank you and glad you liked it