Sci fi stuff

Rendered in cycles. Some bump mapping and fog added in cs5.
Used alot of stuff learned from picking apart Agus3D’s file.


Fine concept. I presume this is a WIP, so the rock material/textures will be worked on (diffuse, bump/normal, etc). Trees and water look good to me, and I like the atmosphere (i.e. camera setting and lighting).

Cool idea, but you should improve the mountain, especially its material. I like the water and the trees, they look great.

Very nice concept, loving the fog on the trees etc, but as said before the mountain face could do with a bit more detail/bump mapping.

Thanks guys. Im actually working on that now. I am going a different direction. I let this render while I went out and with a couple beers last night it looked pretty damn fine…
Will be fixed soon.
BTW, Im saying it is a gravity drive to move the Halo ring from place to place. It can be whatever you want though…lol

Love it :wink:

I don’t know if you did this but fog glow in the compositor really makes a picture look realistic regardless of the modelling of textures.

I think it’s an improved version of the Alien spacedrive ring from “Contact.” Except, in my head, Jodi Foster has to go naked (just like in the book. Leave it to Hollywood to put Jodi Foster in a sci-fi movie then make her wear clothes when the book specifically says there was nothing about clothes in the design…)
I think it’s a cool scene. Yes, Agus’ model and scene are fantastic. I’m working on that right now, too. There’s all kinds of slick tricks in there. Much like receiving a transmission from an advanced alien species…