Sci-Fi style transparent displays

I’m trying to make a sci-fi style transparent display. Basically a flattened cube with a glass type material and visible elements inside it. Easy for text but I need this to display a real world drone photo. I can use ‘image as planes’ and set that in the glass, but it’s very dark. I guess the problem is that ‘image as planes’ is closer to simulating a painting that just reflects light. But what I want is like a screen where each pixel in the image is in fact an emitter. I don’t want to just add light sources as they’ll have an effect on the rest of the scene (unless you can make a light just reflect off a specific object?).

Any ideas ?

Glass with refraction is not transparent to light rays. Fake it using transparency based glass or using a transparency shader for the shadows. Texture to emitter works fine, I use it daily, although I use add shader onto a glossy only (I don’t need to see “inside” the glass).

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Texture to emitter is brilliant! I got a pretty good output with a 1.2 IOR false glass and a little bit of volumetric scatter, gives the display a smidge of frost, just enough to see it clearly against the background and with everything inside connected to an emitter shader, it’s very close to the desired effect.