sci-fi, surrealism, female..

…but no nudity…

Cant recall how much I’ve been working on this so far, its a blender model rendered in yafray as you might see…

Very nice!

Cool :slight_smile:


and an update…

Wow dude!!! That just looks awesome!!! I cant wait to see what this will look like finished, awesome work man!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Really lovely model but the forearms seem bit too fat to me tho.
Can we hope to have a wire of it ?

See [email protected]


That’s way cool! It reminds me of some high-ranking person from some sci-fi thing… no, no, no… now it came to me, it remids me of the Valerian comics, very, very cool, me likey a lot!

hell yeah! now thats a hottie!

Very impressive model thus far. I will keep my eye on this thread.


Ouh good! Very good model. I agree that the forearms looks a bit odd, but I suppose they are still in progress.
A wireframe, please, o yes a wireframe, please, please, can we see a wireframe? Why won’t you let us see a wirefr… :o


aaaaa :o
the head is so nice,
very good modeling

an update, did the hands, not really my favorite area…

[00:18] <Eldron> <-- update!
[00:19] <Metalmesolid> whoaaaaaa
[00:19] <Metalmesolid> awsome, LOVE the hands

NICE. Looking forward to more.

Beautiful update. The hands seem to be a bit large, proportion wise to the rest, but they do look very good.


BgDm, that is called, ‘style’

Oh, but he is right, any flaw that people can find that I can fix will make me happy… Thats what this posting-your-wip-pic is about :slight_smile:

Her face expression makes her look like she is about to burst into tears…



I’ve also heard “She looks really angry” and “she looks so happy smiling” :slight_smile:

so I dunno about that…

bigger tits, smaller hands. :smiley: