sci-fi, surrealism, female..

I don’t know for the hands, but for the rest: I agree!


the hands are cool, you should keep em that way… i like it. poll it.


Very good modelling.

A better view of the hands please.

model is cut up atm in a big mess, so I just uploaded two wires of the face…

first stage of texturework… uvmapping in blender is a nightmare :confused:

WOW I really like the color you used! Can’t wait to see more! Keep us updated! :smiley:

Damn, why does everybody seem to get so good around here, haha
Good job man, keep it up, unwrapping can be a real bitch :slight_smile:

  • Stungun

awsome work, can you take the clothes off ?

How you made her anyways ?

<blendermax spamming>
there’s this funny lil process called modeling :stuck_out_tongue:
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dude, it’s a pity i havent seen this thread before, great work Eldron!
how did you model her anyways? :wink:

Texturing looks great so far. Be very patient. UV mapping in Blender is a big pain, but well worth the results when done correct.

Thanks for the wires as well. Very informative.


I am so jealous! How do you get her face look so smooth?! I always have a vertice or two sticking out of my models cheeks. She is so pretty…