Sci-Fi Tank

Hey there. So this is my first attempt of showing my works to the community! I hope you enjoy and give me nice critics.

About the work: This is a recent model i started on the weekend. It’s some kind of “Super-High-Tech-Tank”.I think the modelling is done pretty well, it just needs a few additional details here and there, but overall it’s okay. So if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment! :smiley:
So far i didn’t encounter any problems, but one. I made the tracks with an array and bent them with a curve modifier. BUT, can I avoid the track segments being stretched at the borders? I really don’t want to align them by hand :frowning:

So that’s it. I’ll keep you guys up to date.

5*'s - I have seen lots of “tanks” but have to admit this design stands out some. Look forward to any further updates!

This is really awesome! Talking tecnicall, I wouldn’t have done any cable outside the shell, but who cares about this! :smiley:

Ah I’m actually doing a sci-fi tank game… I wish I could afford that kind of triangle count. I’d be creating that kind of stuff too. Interested to see how much detail you put in. Keep up the good work, looks good. What are you basing your designs off of? I pretty much run on the build-as-I-go theory hehe.

As for the treads, I’ve messed around with treads ALOT trying to find a good method. Same as you, I didn’t want any distortion with an curve modifier (couldn’t use it anyway for my bone animations). I made a quick video for myself a while back to refer to in-case I forgot how to do it (I do this with anything I find useful, diagnosed bad short-term memory :P)Here it is. Anyway, I’m thinking you might be able to do it similar to how I set up my bones. It won’t distort the size, and it will keep the tracks conformed to the curve, and you can separate them using offsets and whatnot, but you are probably going to have to go back and rotate each piece into its correct position, unless you discover a way to do some clever tracking. Sorry, I’m still learning Blender myself so apologies if this didn’t help.

WOW!! This is an amazing design! The modeling work is superb and the attention to detail is exact. Keep up the good work!

I would NOT want to be in that tank in hostile territory. Tanks are designed so shells can easily glance off of them, but this design has too many spots where a shell could catch and do some real damage.

Don’t get me wrong, the modelling looks great, it just seems a bit too form over function. Like other posters have said, there’s just too much sensitive hardware OUTSIDE the tank where it is most exposed.

Thanks for the nice feedback so far! :smiley:

@RobMonty1987: I’ll definitely will take a look on that video after work! And maybe post an update.
@LazyCoder: Well, I also noticed it right after I started modelling, but i guess that’s not a big problem. (let’s pretend it’s a High Tech metal that deflects all kinds of projectiles) xD

That’s a funky-looking tank! I like it! :yes:

I mean, you said it was a “sci-fi” tank, and I like “sci-fi” that borders on fantasy. Which this design does.

Well sci fi is supposed to be realistic, whereas fantasy is intentionally unrealistic. Yea, you can create almost anything with sci fi, but usually the mechanics behind it are somewhat based in reality. Fantasy is more like… ah what the hell, just tell 'em it’s magic!

Realism aside, it’s a very nice tank, I’ve seen some designs that are far less realistic in serious sci-fi games, so it’s not really a problem, just a matter of style.
I can see a few shading artifacts in the closeup, coming from creases in the subsurf, but it’s nothing too serious.
About bullet deflection, it doesn’t work very well for KE penetrators or shaped-charge warheads anyway so it’s becoming less important as long as the armor is thick enough to stop normal bullets and shells.


Fixed most of the artifacts on the hull by decreasing the crease and added some more details.
I think it’s soon ready for being textured :D.

Would you allow us to see some wireframes?

very interesting and intrecet I bet that took some time “sweetness”

Wow! Sweet model and the detail is just pro. Cant wait to see this textured :slight_smile: Thought of a name for it? Delta force striker? Dont know much about names, lol.

Anyway, great work.

I want some Austrian-like name for it. I have a nice scene of the post apocalyptic vienna in mind. ^^

Here’s the wireframe:

I love the material of the tank, what is it?

It’s just the standard glossy material in Octane.