Sci-fi Technician

This is a project I have been working on and off over the past two months. I wanted to work on my low poly skills by creating a character that was as detailed enough for a modern game. The modelling/sculpting/re-topology/rigging was done in blender, textures were baked with xnormal(a free program which I highly recommend anyone who does any kind of baking to look in to), and textures were made with gimp. These renders were made with marmoset, which is a real-time engine designed for showing off game art. I used it because I wanted the renders to show exactly how the model looks in a modern engine, and unfortunately the bge doesn’t have SSAO or post effects yet. The model is 21436 tris.

Each main component (the man,the exoskeleton) has 3 main textures: normal(4096^2), diffuse(4096^2), and specular(2048^2).

Any comments, criticisms, and questions are welcome :eyebrowlift:.

This is really rather cool. Great normal mapping and texture work!

Also, the BGE can most certainly do SSAO, as well as a lot of other post-processing filters like bloom, depth of field, and chromatic aberration. Look in the Game Engine Resources section if you want to check it out.

@SolarLune Thanks for the feedback! Also, I am aware of the improvements being made to the bge, but I was unable to find a linux build that contained all the features I needed at a working state. Anyway, I really to look forward to when these features get brought into trunk.

Low Poly?..

The model has 21436 tris, but that is average for characters in high end pc games now days

eh thats somewhat over the “low-poly average” for realtime but it’s still a decent model

@@CR8K Here is a page that lists the poly counts of a variety of game characters, and they range anywhere from a couple thousand up to 40,000 for some characters. 20,000 is the average amount for a character in new games targeted for pc or console. Characters for mobile devices still have lot less polys, but then again that is not what I developed this character for. Thanks for the feedback though!