Science Blending

this can harvest energy the sun while from purifying waste water, Sun + poop = power and clean water :slight_smile:

Photobioreactor->Solar Algae drier->Solar Gasifier---------Generator--------Power
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This has no parts that can not be made out of traditional materials like wood metal and glass, accept for the high temp section that is the tube that is hit by the large Fresnel lens, that would have to be tungsten or something else with a decent heat transfer rate and temp resistance, this tube contains a Archimedes screw that pulls the algae through the tube, the rate of the screw can be adjusted for temp etc,
So no diodes, accept maybe for targeting, but I think you could do this with black barrels and a Stonehenge style “shadow clock” that expands gasses and contracts them using Sun/Shade to Aim the dish, - ideal generator

Diy - photo-bio reactors

Solar drier

Solar Gasifier in action in winter…

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perhaps you can now animate some sort of an informational vid of how this works - wavy rays of sunilight, poop pellets, flowing water with an animated pointer - would be great for presentations

Working on video / details / scale model now