Science fiction cg-movie project based on open source apps


I’m working on my third short film and we’re looking for help. I teamed up with aqsis crew and their AMP: aqsis movie project.

The AqsisMovieProject is now starting to gather some pace. There is a dedicated website with a Wiki and Forums at which to discuss all details related to the project at any level. The Wiki is being used in the collaborative effort to ensure that everyone remains up to date with project status. It now contains probably the most important element at the beginning of such an undertaking, a script.

The Story as it currently stands is a science fiction short titled “Omniscient” about a man who creates a device to allow him to see into the future, but doesn’t expect to find what he does.

Please feel free to drop by and take a look around at or at -> #aqsis

If you’re willing to help (as modeller, animator or anything), contact us.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

I read the script and it sounds great. Gimme a shout for anything you need m0deled and I’ll give it a try. I’m better at organic m0deling than mechanical for the most part.

What is the art style going to be like? Is it going to be completely CG?

I’m guessing yes. It would take money to hire an actor/actress (unless someone there is willing to do it for free, for the sake of the movie), and also the blue screen equipment (to insert the actor/actress in the 3D sets).

I think it’s better to just get people who work on the project to voice act (unless there is no voice, just sound effects or subtitles).

Hehe, I do have access to pro recording equipment for free. Looks like it could come in handy.

Thanks for your interrest. The movie is going to be completely cg. And finding actors isn’t hard at all. :slight_smile:
Thanks again.


I could give a hand with concept drawings and with modeling too.
As it comes, I read the script and already drew couple concepts, of Markus and the monster, but I won’t be able to show them before sunday or monday.

As it happens, concept/storyboard artist(s) are what we need most urgently, so please feel free to add yourself to the list of contributors on the Wiki if you like.


i’m pretty busy with some things, but i could help out with any mechanical/non organic modelling, and also with materials/textures/ligthing sometimes (no schedule guaruntees though :wink: ) Will any of this be textured/rendered in blender? Or will all that be done in aqsis?


Seems that everything will be rendered with Aqsis…

(I didn’t read your script or however you gonna go throught it…so I might say things that you already know or have prepared)

Well as a “leader” of a group project myself, here are my tips:

  • Be sure every character, every room, every objects are listed. Prepare a file with everything you need separeted in columns let say. Columns like “concpet, modelled, textured, rigged, finished”. Should help keeping everything organised

  • Also, be sure to “know” who are entering the team. When I started the exodus a while back…I accepted a huge bunch of people, even if they weren’t very experienced neither really “hard workers”…so we were about 20…and now the team is barely 4 people…

  • Also, I don’t know how long you plan the movie will be, but one important thing, work on the scene in chronological orders lol…how many times did I started working on scenes that are in the middle of the movie…because the first sequences were not soo cool to work on…and then never do them…aah lol…

anyway…I really hope you can go throught it since I love your sci-fi style.

Good luck[/list]

Hey all,
Thanks again for your support.

Blenergetic: your help will be valuable mate. I’ll contact you as soon as we need non-organic modelling to see if you’ve got the time to help out.

X-warrior: Thanks for your piece of advice. You know this isn’t my first project. I directed 2 shorts before and I even started a long movie (I had to give up for a lot of nasty reasons). I know about team directing and the random factor of members comitment. Anyways thanks for your support. I didn’t knew exodus was still on track. That’s cool. Can’t wait to hear more from you :slight_smile:


I would like to help in animating