science finds : "farts are healthy."

What I really want to know is who would fund a bunch of scientists farting in mouse cages? . Wonder when the first fart spa will open.

I can see curbside dispensers and fart bars popping out, err, up, all over the place.


Actually, some scientists are blaming global warming in part on cow, er, flatulence due to its high methane conten.

Saw an episode of this in “mythbusters” . . . . cor some learning to do.

A customer saunters in to the local fart bar, picks out a seat, and orders a fresh glass for his bubbly. Then he eases on the mask and inhales deeply…

The AGW alarmists may require you to eat fart free foods to cut down on planet destroying pollution (which means no meat or many of the greens):eek:


Hmm, actually human beings contribute to global warming from the minute they are born. Inhale, exhale…

South Park already proved that farting is healthy, because if you hold it in, you’ll catch fire and explode. :stuck_out_tongue: