'Science Vessle Hallway'

(The_Enigma) #1

Well, this is my 2nd file, that has actually been around for much longer then my F1 pic, and has gone through a great deal more remodels, texture modifications, lighting changes, and more… Since I find great intrest in this, I figure I should let you guys have a look. I actually think the level of detail in this is far higher then my other pic 8)
I wish I could say the textures were by me, but they aren’t. Also, the idea isn’t original, although its just a hallway, it is based upon a hallway from a cinematic from the game Starcraft.


Hope you like it as much as I do!

(Idgas) #2

looks really good. great job

(blengine) #3

aweosme textures and volumetric light! realy good job
im not sure i like that brick paneling on the door, but not bad

(Friday13) #4

Good job, but uh…does the floor have a bump map?

(The_Enigma) #5

does the floor have a bump map?

Yes it does, I know it doesn’t look like it does and I have no idea why… :frowning:
I’d think it’s either because the mesh is so simple or it’s because the texture
is 64x64 pixels…[/quote]

(Switchblade) #6

Thank god for cold fusion :slight_smile: Looks good mate.

(stephen2002) #7

not bad… good job with the environment

Why are you calling it a science vessel, it dosn’t have any specificly “sciencey” features (control panals and such).

(Paul_C) #8

Y’know you can almost hear the atmos and soundtrack looking at this picture? I noticed you use the anycities.com host. Any problems? Apparently, no one can see my movs and mpegs on the pages. (I too am with anycities)

Have you got a video section?

(LohnS) #9

wow off topic where did all these aussies appear from. i’ve seen 2 others just in this thread, i must find an Adelaide belnderer, any here!?!?