Scientific Illustration

Can any of you guess what this is? Hint: Biology

This is accurately modeled so, it not like a poorly model chicken or somthing.

Influenza virus?

Ya… since I can’t guess poorly modeled chicken… I’ll go with bird flu…

Well, not that specific, just the basic organism not the type of organism, othere than that right.

It’s a bacteriophage.

The capsid looks quite good, although I think you should add more displacement detail to the rest of the virus.

Ugh. I’ll take your word for it.

If it were me, I would not have this object be nearly so shiny as it is.

Asok is right, it is a Bacteriophage. But I’m pretty sure they have a few more legs, and skinnier ones at that. Also, I didn’t think they were that tall.

This picture has alot of potential for a cool scene, keep it up!

Why not render it with the scanning electron microscope look?

Well, there are several kinds of virus’s taht come in different shapes and sizes, bacteriophage is just a particular “animal virus” even though it only attacks bacteria.

This model is just a type virus form in general.

Aorus: I would like to add more detail, buy I am still thinking of ways to do so, maybe I might try to make the legs look more like tails and more gooey, anything other details I cannot think of. Well let see what I can come up with :).

I will give it a go with the scanning electronic microscope I suppose.

Thanks for the crits.