Scientific visualisation: Flying through a cloud of people representing level of endemic infections

The technical realization for this is rather simple. Yet I was personally interessted in the result. I dont know why it looks like terrible compression after uplading to youtube though :frowning:

Video Description:
Have you ever imagined - while being in a crouded place - how likely it is to see someone who had contact with Covid-19? This is what it looks like if every person is represented by a dot. White dots represent no contact, red dots are currently infected and green dots are recovered. It is hard to spot some of the colored dots as the infection level is still relatively low, yet there are always here and there some of them being nearby. The sample population has a size of 1 Million (1.000.000) total dots and the level of endemic infections is from the 05th October 2020 in the USA.

I just learnt THIS. Haha, perfect explanation why my Video quality is so bad. Thanks to Tom Scott! :wink: