Scientists are weird!

(CubeFan973) #1

No, really, scientists waste time & money on pointless subjects. The color of the universe? Why shower curtains attack you sometimes? How stupid monkeys always waste time by hanging out on Elysiun?

Why don’t they do something useful? You know, trying to go beyond the speed of light, find a cure for diseases (namely diabetes, cancer, and old age), or how to speed up/slow down/reverse time?

(acasto) #2

How do you know it’s not useful, until you discover it?

Ahhhh… young one… much to learn have you.

(valarking) #3

Cube, if you want a cure to diabetes that bad, find it yourself.
Until then, let the scientists argue among themselves over silly topics.

(Haunted-House) #4

Scientists are weird!

More like who they work for…

The color of the universe?

Is it Black,Grey, and Orange? :wink:

(CubeFan973) #5

They discovered that it was a greenish-blue. They even gave us 3D geeks the amount of R, G, and B to use for it.

And diabetes is desperately needed. Almost as much as cancer & old age.

(acasto) #6


Would you mind explaining that?

(sten) #7

Hmmm cubefan…

dont know where you getting at… diabetes needed ?

well shame on you, until you get it yourself you might think like this,
then…the history will turn for you…

my POV…


(pofo) #8

What! Are you wasting time on that “wheel” thing again? You don’t even know it will work!
I thought I told you to research a stronger rope so we can attach more slaves to drag that heavy rock!

And really what use could coherent light be? Only the stupid russians would waste their time on something that really isn’t more than a red flashlight. It’ll never have a commercial value.

The silly one is he who turns his back on what he doesn’t understand. Maybe nothing good will come directly from figuring out the color of the universe, but we learn a bit more about our world and that is what matters.

  1. pofo

(Dani) #9
  1. Cool Pofo! 8)
    nicely put!


(dreamsgate) #10

Scientists are simply artists with a different tool set.

ie. blenderheads see a landscape and immediately start seeing cubes, spheres, materials, lighting etc…

scientists see shower curtains sticking to your legs and see vortex thingies and air currents etc…

it is simply another way to look at life. don’t be critisizing their view unless you want yours poked full of holes too. :stuck_out_tongue:

(valarking) #11

Cubefan seems to get bashed for most of his opinions.

(Alltaken) #12

cube started 3 topics all of which were just asking for a flame!!!

cube you know you love the arguments.

LOL its just funny (i only found out a few days ago you had a reputaion and now i see the truth)

(my friend has diabeties, and no large intestine)

(Titus) #13

You think just like an accountant, not like an artist.

(Riskbreaker) #14

Hey cube, you want fast results? Just get 6 of the worlds best scientists, give them all cancer and lock them in a lab. Guaranteed, in 6 weeks you’ll have 8 different cures :stuck_out_tongue: (kidding, of course)

(pofo) #15

Make sure you get the right kind too ;). Wouldn’t do much good if you got a couple of phycisits, an engineer, a theologist, a geologist and an archaelogist. Even if they are brilliant scientists.

  1. pofo

(Nahtanoj) #16

If you had that bunch they’d be well out of the room before the 6 weeks would be up thats for sure except maybe for the theologist.

In anycase all science is driven by the money that is put into it. Scientist are people too and they need money to live off.

how was the Blue-greenish colour worked out?