SciFi Airport


this is my first WIP here in the forum and it is far from done but you have to start somewhere. Have been using blender for the last 4-6 month and still learning stuff so be gentle on me :slight_smile:
Frontal View

Closup View Front

Top View

From the side

And another frontal closup perspective

I’m currently working on textures and materials.
The tower, hangar only has temporary materials as well as the rocket launcher and laser turrets.

Things I don’t like and could use some help on:
The sand texture for the desert (only procedural til now) looks not the way I would like it. Somehow the bump map doesn’t look 3D at all it looks flat and weird. The only thing I like about it is the grainstructure done with a musgrave procedural.

The orange boxes are dummies for humanfigures to give some sense for the scale of the whole thing. Eventually I plan on replacing them with human models but til then it’s boxes.

The whole scene is rendered with AO on turned to 12 Samples.
The planes are not textured and have a ray mirrored hull.

I’m also planning on adding a sky texture but I haven’t decided on the way this is going to look so suggestions are welcome.

Another thing I tried was to add a sandstorm feeling to the scene but particles and compositing didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted to so any pointers in this direction are greatly appreciated.

So give me C&C.

Oh one more thing I’m doing this on my spare time so updates might not come as frequently as you would expect them.

It’s quite cool - Some of my retro games have the same feel.

I like the sand, but I was thinking, what’d it be like if you had short particles going heavily to the side on it?

Slight update:
I removed one of the wave textures from the desert making it look better in my opinion.
Started texturing the tower but having problems with the uv mapping so I textured it without using uv for now. Also added some bump to the texture of the tower and seperated the door from the tower.
Also added some bump to the airfield texture.
C & C welcome.

That’s actually looking pretty good. What problems were you having with the UV mapping? Maybe you can get some help.

The problem is that I beveled the tower and when I unwrap it i gets lots of small parts which I can’t seem to get arranged. Trying different unwrap strategies didn’t solve the problem. Next I plan on trying to set some seams to get a better unwrap.

Hm, cube unwrapping didn’t work? Quick tip, though, you don’t have to unwrap all the faces at once. Instead just do them in rough groups, which suit the unwrap type, and you should have a lot better and more manageable of a result.

Thanks BlackBoe. Do the groups keep there mapping as long as I don’t use reset?

Also having a problem with the uv of the laser turret.
The turret uses an unapplied mirror modifier with U and V Mirroring turned on. I would expect this to give a perfect mirror of the left barrel to the right barrel and when I unmap this seems to be the case. But when I render the right barrel is mapped to a different location on the texture.
The Rendered Turret: The red marks are put on the texture for better orientation.
and the still unfinished Texture I use with the unmapped uv map drawn on top.
The left barrel is at the left of the texture and when I press on any of its faces the uvface selection shows the face being selected on the left and right barrel but the marks show that the right barrel is mapped to the upper right of the texture. IS this a bug or have I done something wrong? Any help greatly appreciated.

Ok I found the problem. I shouldn’t have activated the mirror U and mirror V coordinates. It seems that the u and v coordinates are automatically mirrored along the axis you choose. The thing I don’t understand now is in which situtation do I need the mirror U and mirror V settings. But I’ll guess I’ll find out when I need it. :slight_smile:

Love it musk.

Thanks Hundred.
I still haven’t forgotten about it but put it on hold til I learn a couple of things about uv mapping and lightning setup and until I have some more time with my other projects. But I will come back to this one when I have aquired the skills to make it better.