Scifi Arboretum (Ongoing WIP Thread)

So, I found myself torn the other day between starting a new nature themed project, or a scifi one… so, I decided, both!

Having not done much experimentation with creating animations with cycles, I’m planning a short 30-90 second camera pan through a ship and maybe out to show the exterior, with the main part being taken up by a pan through a very ‘full’ arboretum.

Being a sad star trek geek I’ve already got a few models to work from for the exterior, that just need some finishing. Most likely I’ll use this odd little fellow.

Though the majority of the work is going to be on the interior, which I’m still in the process of planning and will update this thread as I go for funzies.

I ran a small test last night on creating a water feature as I’m hoping that’ll help sell the final look of things… Seems to work ok in principle… Note: The materials in this were thrown together quickly, so apologises for them :slight_smile:

Did a bit of texturing (albeit with some serious need of UV love) on the ship today… and also got the basic layout of the main arboretum chamber done.