SciFi City scene

My Current WIP. It’s not finished, not by a long shot. But I thought I’d make a thread anyhow.

I’m planning on adding more underneath and around this structure. Make a vast city around this building.

How fast this goes depends. I’m getting a new laptop wich is far more powerfull than anything I currently have available. So rendering/modelling will go alot better then. I’ll continue on this as far as I can anyhow.

I also tried using luxrender with this, but it messed up and thought certain objects (wich are remarkably similar to others) had an array modifier on them, wich they shouldn’t have. I figure I can solve this by applying all modifiers before sending it to lux, but I’m not there yet.

Sorry about the sorta massive white space at the bottom, I didn’t have time to edit that out. Even though it’s a minute’s work :confused:


//Divine Rage

Looking good so far, if you add some birds to shots like this it will make it more realistic. For hosting, get a free site and ftp images to it, Sometimes its easier to host the photos yourself.

great model, but work on more dramatic lighting and better materials

looking good so far. actually reminds me a little of the burj dubai. the modeling looks pretty solid.

Thanks guys, I’m currently just working on the modelling, the material fetish part will come later. And I might also look into birds or something. Though considering this is ment to be a bit science fiction, it’ll probably turn out to be spaceships. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’m having trouble making ray mirror reflect my skydome… Anyone got some help? It’s a small scene (Skydome dimentions are 120x120x60), the max dist of the ray mirror is set at 1000, wich I would think to be more than enough. It’s also set to Fade to Sky color, wich I think is the problem, as the sky color is pretty much the same as the one seen in the reflection. Does raymirror even reflect textures?

Looks really awesome! I love the perspective!

Well, thanks, but the perspective has since changed already… :stuck_out_tongue: Well, more upwards anyway. I’m building a whole lot underneith and around the stuff visible already.

Some inspirational images:

Yes, the first 6, at minimum, are all Stefan Morrell’s work. God, that guy has serious skills.

Currently rendering a full sized image (with low poly building instances, high poly are on different layers and render a lot slower obviously. My desktop pc, wich renders far faster, has alot of troubles and is currently unable to render. :slight_smile:, will doublepost (uh oh) when it’s finished.

Update… Already further along than this shows. Uploading these files is slow on my web connection. :confused:

I’ll just continue updating.

looks like some good progress, nothing to critique
keep it up!

Is this going to be realtime?

Nope. Although I am an aspiring Game artist.
Who knows, maybe I’ll use this stuff some time for a realtime environment.

I did download Unity3D a few days back. But this laptop is too shabby to do much with it (it does run however) and my desktop is broken. So it’s the waiting game for that.

very cool!

I have noticed that the skybox does in fact reflect off of the raymirrored glass. Unfortunately it’s almost entirely invisible.

Well anyhow, I’m not going to mess much with that atm. I’m currently working on a rediculously high detail railroad tube thingy. A common thing. :slight_smile: Anyway, it’s definately going to be much more than my rig can handle, atleast, with all the other stuff…

Last update for today. 9:16PM…

Shoot! I see now that I forgot to model some bits… Ah well, back to that I suppose.

Anyway, I revamped the center a bit (well, alot actually), I didn’t like the massive cylinder-like structure eating up my view. And making me unable to properly view the central structure(s).
I’m also a bit unsure where to lead those trains to…

Ah well, I hope I get that new laptop soon…


Looks good! I don’t like the specularity of the ground that much though…

The ground will be mostly invisible, I want to use those standard greebled buildings and such to cover it all up.
Besides, it currently has the same material as pretty much all the buildings do. So that needs variation obviously. But as mentioned before, modelling first, then comes the material and texturing madness.

I added some spaceships flying over in lines, but I didn’t model them. I got them as a freeby from Stefan Morrell’s site. ( and then to the downloads page) But I’m also working on some bigger ones to fill it up.

No image yet, I’m kinda busy and don’t want to ruin the flow by waiting another 15 minutes for a full sized render.

As mentioned in my previous post, the long rows of aircrafts are not my work, Get them for free on the link mentioned earlier.
The 2 cargo shuttles in the shot are not done yet. And it really is about time that I started working on the main city buildings…

I’m checking atm how 2.5a0 performs with rendering. It seems to be a LOT faster, but I’ll compare the output with the 2.49 render when it’s done.
One thing I already noticed is that on my laptop it renders with less graphical errors. Flashing black bars/lines are a common thing in 2.49, but in 2.5a0 it’s only there on the part that’s currently being rendered.

Good stuff, dev team!

2.5 renders ambient occlusion far less dark with the same settings. So currently it’s a bit washed out. But I think a bit of tinkering will fix that up.

I forgot to disable the curve modifier on some tubing for the bottom railtube. It now runs parallel to the top one.
I don’t like the way the greebles are rotated, I did that so I didn’t have to cope with more lag. Seriously. with only the greebles visible, with 240k vertices visible in wireframe, it refreshes every second. If that isn’t bad I don’t know what is.
I also dislike the way the shuttle bay thingy is elevated, so Im dropping that after all. I might even go on a huge move with some things. I’ve got a nice idea for a setup now.

Also, this was rendered in 2.5a0, so there’s less contrast. Something I’m going to mess with nodes for next time.

Anyway, that’s it for today, it’s a holiday in the Netherlands, and I’m celebrating. :slight_smile: