Scifi Concept

My sister asked me to do a small image for an article on her website. She really let me do whatever I wanted so I took the opportunity to do a concept image for a short I am doing this year.
This was really just for fun and to see how difficult it was going to be to create an environment that I wanted. It’s really simple and I didn’t work very long on it but I am happy at how it came out.

I used Blender Internal and nodes then added the clouds in Gimp.
You can have a look at a larger render on my website and also some more information about the image. and it is under the “Latest 3D” section
Thanks for viewing.

I think this looks pretty cool I like the smoothed curved design and the sense of scale in the image.

in my opinion the fog made is bad doing this image.

I like it, well done and super detailed. At first glance the fog seems to be a bit much, but after viewing for a few moments I think the fog grows on ya a bit, I like it.

The only thing, and this is a tiny caveat, is the horizon, it seems a bit abrupt. I wonder if you could put a small fade right where the water meets the sky, to give the appearance that the fog becomes more dense at such a distance. I think a stretched plane, with a simple bi-linear blend texture, placed so that from the cameras perspective it covers the area where the sky meets the water. Use the blend texture as an alpha map and then probably set the color of the material to an off-white to match the fog color. Should be made shadeless too.

Thanks for your comments,

I worked on this image for 2 days and played with the fog a lot because I was unsure if it was working for the image. In the end I think it was really a lot better then the image without the fog, sorry I don’t have an example to show.
@atr1337: Thank you for advice really appreciate it, I am going to try it out on the next, hopefully final image.