Scifi corridor - lowpoly for game

Hello I’ve this corridor mesh done for a while with UV(redoing it about 3 time, optimizing the space) with AO baked. The texture just done recently, with photoshop mostly with layer effect and old grunge texture I have, not quite a painting job here.

I’m now doing all graphic stuffs for my team XNA game project ‘Trashman’ which is 2.5D action side-scrolling game. You can seek more info here.

.x exporting feat of Blender was so awesome. But, it could be nice if I can convert/export texture into .dds format from Blender too. Anyone know where I can find such script/plug-in?

This is the first attemp, just AO with grunge overlay.

The mesh

Modelled with Blender.
Texture with Photoshop.

Very good,it’ll be perfect for a game!Also,If the game will be a 2.5D sidescroller,isn’t it possible to create pre-rendered backgrounds?

Thanks, clewer. // Because, our engine’s camera can provide perspective/sense of depth(it has real 3d camera/scene). So, we think it would be cool if we have 2d gameplay on all 3d environment with some sprite decoration.

Just like in this Vid.