Scifi hovercraft

So the modeling is done. The only thing left is to create a scene for the hovercraft.

So I tried the sketch style addon as a better way to get some concept sketches before I do
a real rendering. I think it looks pretty good, I tweaked the result using the SVG Export in blender and InkScape, Affinity Designer )

So I think that besides some small fixes this one should just about done when
it comes to modeling.

Reworked the main body and broken down it to separate parts.
I have also worked on it to have a better silhouette. Work in Progress

Reworked the fans and some other stuff, Work in progress.

So I made the first try at modelling this, work in progress.

So I have added some more details and made a small movie to better show the overall shape

So keep reworking the overall shape, added some details and
tried adding some kind of hose thing at the back of the hovercraft.
Think I need to add some kind of attachment for the different circular shapes.
Anyways work in progress.

So reworked the shape of the hovercraft.
Not really happy with the shape just yet.
Work in progress

So been trying to figure out a good way to showcase sketches for work in progress projects that is in the early stages. Figured a blueprint look might do it.

Not sure if it’s better to edit the first post or just add my progress as replies.
This time I will edit the first post and see how it goes.

So I started making a sketch in blender out of the one on paper, made some changes because I did not like the feel of it and how it looked in certain views.
So This is the first iteration of my sketches in the blender.
Its a work in progress and I am not sure this is the final sketch.

I have been having this Idea to animate a scifi hovercraft flying over some fields for some time.
Well first things first, need to design a hovercraft.
So made a sketch. Work in progress


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Looks good so far. Will this be a grease pencil?

Thats is not my plan at this point. But it might be good way to kind of story board my scenes.
I do not have very much experience with grease pencil, but I have seen what people do with it
and it seems pretty powerful. My plan going in to this was to make something fairly photo realistic.
However right now I am in a phase of brainstorming around the shape, look and feel of the hovercraft.

Very good work, for the scene around, you can use HDRI (360 ° landscapes) :+1:
However, you have to find a suitable one :thinking:

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You are completely right!
I already have my Eye on one on hdrihaven :slight_smile:

and thanks for feedback! :slight_smile:

Yep, I confirm, HRDRI Haven is one of the best sites for HDRI