SciFi(ish) Soldiers

Going to consolidate two projects into one thread.

First, a model that I recently started. No legs yet.

And a robot that I started about a year ago and got back into again.
The robot has a little more left on the modeling side - but I got impatient and started texturing it a bit already. It’s mostly all procedural textures, except for a greymap to specify where the chipped paint should be.

If it’s got glitter on the camo, that just means it hasn’t been “scuffmapped” yet.

It looks good so far, there’s so much detail…
I like it! :smiley:

Nice modelling… very detailed!

I like the gigantor arms.

wow, this is awesome, keep it up, cant wait to see more from this thread :slight_smile:

that is some awesome stuff! Are these for the blendswap contest? I think you could win easily.

Thanks for the comments!

@ daren: No contest, it’s just a just-because project.

Not too much more added, some materials to test out colors, some more scuff maps, and lights. I’m not too sure about the green camo with the red lights: on the one hand, they’re complementary colors so it probably defeats the concept of camo - on the other hand, it doesn’t look too shabby.

Very cool :wink: