scifi laboratory scene

Here’s the start of a scene I’m making, I’ve finished the central component, the “holographic projector”, and some of its tubing. C&C welcome, particularly on the materials. Oh, and for some random reason, I forgot one of the tubes on the back right side.

cool stuff.
i suppose the hologram in itselft is just a placeholder.
It’s very bright. I would think an holograme is tranparent.
gonna follow your attemp.

The effect in the center really does give the effect of a holigram. Nice job so far.

New version, added observation windows, a door, and tweaked the cables so they lie flat. I removed the center effect. That is actually supposed to be a light stream that “projects” the hologram. I also have to resize the room and add more detail and status monitors and tubing and the like. I have a few tiny lights scattered throughout, but I’m not sure how to make them actually “light up”. For instance, the lights above the airlock door are supposed to glow red, but I’m not really sure how, right now I jsut have emit and an alpha of .5, but it didn’t really work out well.

It’s looking good, except it seems a bit out of scale, like its made for mice for example. I think it comes from those huge cables coming off the projector. You might want to put some tiny, tiny cables in the scene or some other objects (like a computer?) that indicate scale.

Everything seems to be looking pretty good…only comment I got about it,l is it reminds me of the laboratory from Spiderman 2…lol. Nice work.