server trouble?

Is anybody else having trouble getting onto I just registered last night but I could only access the page off and on throughout the night. This morning the page won’t load at all, I’m thinking maybe they’re having some server issues. Grr…

[Edit] I just got on for a minute or two and then it went away again…:mad:

I can’t get on either and I get some database error…

Well, I was registered there once, too, but sometime this year the whole database crashed and nearly all the content was lost. I guess they are still struggling to get back up again…and I haven’t been there since then :frowning:

the server is still having a little trouble, however, its mostly ok now.

Ahhhh, I see. I just tried to go on and got this explanitory message: will reopen soon.

We are moving to a new server and need to shutdown the databases. Please check back in a few hours and we will be back online.

To keep you informed of what’s going on: (From Aceman)
All of you are well aware that for some time now the server has been up and down more times then an elevator in a 2 story building. This was caused by a few things, such as the script that shows the thumbnails of the artwork for threads in the forums, which in it’s first state, cause too many calls on mysql and kept crashing it. So we fixed that. Then the server kept crashing over and over.
We kept thinking it was do to being overworked because of SFM’s popularity, but we have discovered it’s because someone is attacking the server. This DDoS attack is a denial-of-service attack that floods the server with thousands of calls for web pages, and well even the most high-end server can’t keep up with that type of demand. The server lagged, and even crashed because of this. “Why don’t you block the attacker’s IP?” you ask? We have, in fact we’ve blocked several thousand IP address to stop these attacks but the attacker is very smart. They are apparently using hacked servers, to attack the server. Basically they hack say, 30 servers, then they tell those 30 servers to flood SFM’s server with page requests, or pings. The actual attacker isn’t exposing themselves because they are using slave servers to do their dirty work.
On Sunday night the attacker went from just random bursts of attacks, to a brutal flood which shut us down. The host worked through the night to end the onslaught, by morning it appeared as if their efforts had worked. Only to get a new fresh attack at around noon. Soo… they shut down apache for a time to see if that would help. The host of the server has decided to upgrade SFM’s server to a much faster machine in an effort to fight back against the DoS attacks. This new machine will run much faster then the older one. I will post it’s specs when I get them.
Please bare with us during this trying time. We understand your dissatisfaction with the amount of time the server is offline. We ARE working to put an end to that. But do to limited funds, and this DoS attack it’s very hard to do this without breaking the bank. A hardware firewall, to stop DoS attacks is $8,000.00 US which is just something I can not afford. So we’re doing what we can to stop this without that huge cost.

Thanks for understanding. We’ll be back online the second we can get the files moved to the new server.

Stupid hacker…

Oh well, Sci fi meshes is definitely not a lucky place…hope they get everything back up soon.

Someone please give that hacker a life. He needs it.