SciFi Ship Model and Scene Wanted for Board Game Player Mats

Its rough out on the rim. It’s all you can do to put together enough scratch to keep your boat in the air and a gun out of your face. You take what jobs you can get and don’t ask too many questions about the who or the what. Some days I feel like an inter system taxicab. The better you do, the more influence you get, and that’s worth more than nearly any of the cargo you might be hauling. Build enough of it and enough cash, and you might be able to convince the Central Authority to grant you access to the warp gate to the inner systems. Where life just might be a little bit easier. Maybe.

Protostar ( dev diary here ) a competitive SciFi Bounty Hunting Game for 1-5 players. Each turn, players pick a different rim system to jump to with their NavCom and explode through the galaxy to accumulate the most achievements to leave this life of crime behind.


I am searching for a collaborative 3D modeler, to help bring the player boards in ProtoStar to life. The models will be rendered, with a background similar to the above prototype, but you do not need to worry about the cutaway aesthetic in terms of the render, but they will be illustrated after the fact.

Lighting and rendering is super important in an illustrated style. Excitement over realism!

The endgame of the project ideally will be 5 separate races, with 5 unique ships that play to their aesthetic and their properties, but at this point I’d much rather have 1 great ship with a swapable color palette

These models will also serve as the molds for the playing pieces, so if you have experience making molds I’d love some guidance.

I am very open to your creative input, as modeling is not my strength, but you can see there is already a bit of a retro/future aesthetic that has gotten a lot of positive player feedback. Always open to more feedback on all aspects of the game, but am a ‘show not tell’ collaborator. Got an idea? Show me how it would work well!

Compensation and Budget:
This is negotiable. If you just want a one and done and want to get paid, cool. Send me a quote of what would be a ship rendering with a space background and a portfolio.

What I would prefer, is someone who wants to take the idea and run with it and work with me to help reinforce the aesthetic. It can still be a paid project, but as the end goal is kickstarter, I’d love someone invested in the success. I understand that is rare, so I am open to most collaboration.

Terms and Conditions:

All art is to be digital and at resolutions suitable for printing, both on paper and at the resolutions needed to make molds for miniatures.

Ownership of the art when complete will be transferred to the company for use, but am open to the possibility of releasing as Creative Commons, self promotion and to maybe work as a base for other projects. Let me know what your priorities are and we can work something out.

Number of pieces:

5 total is the goal, but again, lets focus on one awesome ship/scene and if the other 4 fall through, we can have that.

Size of art:

Renderings for the player mat will be at 300dpi, and I believe the current size of that player mat is 15x10. I don’t know the cast model sizes that are industry standard, so I will get back to you. Something similar to the X-Wing size on the X-Wing tabletop game.

I’d rather it be iterative than one and done, so something early to start thinking about the player board and its position/scale/size. So even if it’s a one off, I’d love progress updates as you make time.

I have no idea what I’m doing, so please make suggestions if you have them!

Hi Lucas,

I really like scifi and whole universe, so maybe I´m interest.
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and if You are interest at my work, contact me.
BTW, I´m working on my own cardboard game with robots also ; )

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Hello, i’m interested, here is my portfolio:

If you like my style, contact me.

Hi! If the need for visualization, 3D modeling, animation is relevant for you and you are considering options for cooperation with prepayment, then contact me! You can see some of my works here and here

I’m interested in this project. I’m really into making exciting images and renders , also i love futuristic themes. I’m very agile with the time and ideas , also with contact
If you are interested , please respond:



[email protected]

I’m new to blender this year, but am into this! I have a few ships, if you want to see them. :slight_smile: