First thread! :cool: My second Blender model. Constuctive crits welcome! Post-pro done in Gimp (I only brightened it).

It requires better lighting and background and you may have a normal problem.

oi dude, gday…I am a noob myself but I guess my help may be of some assistance.

  1. sornen is right there is a normal problem at the thicker part of the blade. (ctrl n, or in edit mode…space bar, normals, recalculate normals) should fix that problem

  2. if you are designing a sword a couple of orthographic (front, side, top) images would go a long way in illustrating your concept.

3)keep on keeping on…this sword could be awsome if you put a little bit more into the render…camera views, lighting and so on

  1. im just another noob…only done a couple of models myself…take everyones opinions with a grain of salt, take on board everything that make sense…and good blendering my friend!

Agreed with the normal problem and better scene setup/lighting.

For the model itself, I would make the handle thicker. It is currently about the same width as the blade, which makes no sense.

I think you should add some reflection to the blade so it looks like metal. Don’t forget though, that if you’re going to make it reflect, it has to have something to reflect. Stick a random image around the scene, but invisible to the camera. That way it has something to reflect. If reflection is on and there’s nothing to reflect, it will look the color of your background.

If you need help on the lighting, check out this great 3-point light tutorial from Blender Cookie:

A wireframe would also be helpful so we could see your topology.

Here’s the wireframe (I hope my topology isn’t horrible). Thanks for the lighting tutorial, I’ll check that out now.

It looks like there are a whole bunch of triangles toward the end of the blade. While in a model like this some tris might not make a big difference, as you begin to make more complex organic models they can cause distortion. It’s a good habit to avoid them all together. Select two triangles that are next to each other and press J to convert them to quads. Good start though.