Scince everyone was doing chess sets >.<

i thought id give my go at a set… its about half done… the picture lamp and cup are from and older file i never finished when i first got learning blender… to they need to be tweaked a bit…

i KNOW im mising the knights… im trying to figure out a way to model them without using horse heads as they would make the pieces too tall…
the wood for the table to me. .is questionable… but i needed something to help the chess set stick out… but compared to the rest of the “finer” itmes in the image… it makes it look… cheap to me.

wanting to add a chair… of some sorts… and some sort of background image but both of these are still in the air.
crits MOST welcome.
ps this iwas done in blender not yafray

You can find nice wood texturing tutorial at:

The pens look too wide.

What about making base of the horse circle as the others and otherwise rectangular shape? You could “sculpt” the sideline of horse with curves, convert to mesh, extrude and put it on the base.

I am really tired of those all chess sets, but in yours I like materials.
The materials on pieces and chessboard (excluding wooden part) are great.
The older parts really do not fit the newer - you had a lot of progress ;]

being it takes 4 hours + for me to render… people are going to have to wait till tommorow morning to see the work done… got the knight done… the top part is more of an angled plaque/ prisim with a sword in its front angled face… looks nice.

the pencil cup ill scale down some to get more of proper side… i also did some further mesh editing to the pen and 2 pencils to try to get them to look better…

the table still greatly bothers me as im trying to go for the expenisve… sophisticated look… thus the crystal pieces… marble tiles… mahogony board… which will likly have a draw in it for holding the pieces. but the pine table… just says… park bench almost >.<

the wood patterns are 1000x1000 jpgs that i made in photoshop using assorted plugins.

to do list…
find a way to improve the appearance of the table into a more expencive piece of furnitrue without conflicting wiht the image
ad newtons cradle… can never have enough neat trinkets on an office desk.
add a chair … hopefully one of class and sophistication.

The good parts of the image: the chess pieces, those are very nice, plus the board, the lamp.

Parts that could (should) be improved: The pen/pencil holder looks out of place, esp. if you’re going for a classy look. It is very thick, and the material is very cheap, plastic like. Go for a metal finish, maybe with a texture for dirt map, or small scratches. The pencils are too low poly, the metal part at the end holding the eraser should be modelled, instead of blending in with the pencil. Same for the eraser, which should be smaller in diameter, since it has to fit into the metal band.
The planks on the table seem too small. I would rather use a high-res photograph texture, because this one looks too fake. Better than the built-in would texture though… If you do want this texture, make the seams a bit more apparent, and maybe give it just a little bit of reflection (like 0.05).

HAD planned on usng the lil space on the right of th eimage for a newtons cradle or other interesting timing device. .but i decided for the drawer instead to hold the pieves… shrank the pencils and cup down… tried tewaing the model abit… will look into using a norm map for the metal part… but i CANT model it… im on a pentium 100 cone… i get VERY bogged down at a mere 30,000 verts… so i have to keep my vert count as low as humanly possible.

the table patern i want to change completly… just havent figured out as to WHAT yet… looked through some online stored of fancy desks and tables… all were promarily mahogony… which is what the chess boards from so cant do that >.<

thinking of adding handels to the sides of the board… similiar to a fancy towel run… but i dont know if i should go all gold metal… all wood… or a combination of the two…

im thinking of a possible background image… a library scene or something… lots of rich woods… dark tones ambient lighting… going to be a total pain finding this pic to use though… as id never be able to model it wiht my vert limit.

I’d have to say that the board itself looks too speculative (that is, has too much specularity), mainly because the black squares go light gray near the light.

I think I should tell you that the bishops are supposed to be next to the kings and queens, and the knights go next to the rooks.

I also think the pawns are a little too tall.

lol… i wasent worried about thier placement at the time of this test render as i was still well into worrying about moddeling the pieces as opposed to placement… the next update ill render tonight has them in the infamous 7 man check play and in thier proper spots.

update… took well over 12 hours to render… need to smooth the edges of the chair more. and FORGOT to activate the layer wiht the sponge that holds the pieces in the drawer >.< ill have to rerender after some minor updates… but im wanting to get opinions of the scene so far srom this point.
the feel its all giving me so far is some… retired school professor on his back porch or patio… dont know… just throwing textures togeather so far to see if anything evolves from it.