scion - free 3d model anywhere?

hi all, i’m looking for a free 3d model of scion car(s). any hints where i can get one? thanks in advance, a

well, if you don’t mind horrible, non-textured quality, i made a scion XB a few weeks ago. i wanted to add physics constraints, so that i could ride it around in the game engine, for fun, but i haven’t gotten around to it yet. if you want it, i’ll post it.

yes please post it. i don’t care about texture, because i’ll use it “blank”.
i just need the 3dgeometry. thanks a lot! let me know where/when is uploaded. a

yeah, sorry it took so long to post this. if anyone’s interested, the pic is the scene without modification, and there’s nothing in the car (no seats, steering wheel, etc.)

i think i have too many noise textures, but whatever, anyone who plans on using this will probably strip it down and UV texture it anyway, so i don’t care.

here’s the file:

hey RagMan, thanks for the model! I got it. For the purpose I use this model is very good. thanks again! a