scissor, girl, night, updated with final version

edit update: this is the final version, im sooo tired of this image now =P
put a little color back into it, added some detail to the girl, fixed the light…
thanks for the comments on that, didnt see it :wink:

i’ve been going forth and back with this image too much now, i really need to get to something else… so i rendered it, gimped it a little (color correction and border) and think ill go with this as the final image…

tried to fix the shadow on the scissor with shadowbuffers (to get it darker and smooth) but i went crazy… if i turned on shadown only the floor got a big black blurred spot on it (is this ‘selfshadowing’?) and the scissor didnt get any shadow, with bias of 0.01 i got shadow on the scissor but the spot on the floor got even worse…)

also i dont know how the get the bloodstains on the floor to be sharp? seems like the antialiasing is smearing them out, couse when i render without it i get clean edges (i’ve turned off all interpolation on the images, does anyone of them get the images sharper?)

i know that it is very dark, but i think it contributes to the feeling of a house late at night…

anyway, thanks for all the input in the wip :wink:

software: blender (and a little gimp)


Man, how did little girls get to be so creepy… all the worst horror stories include them for some reason.

Very moody image though. I like the bloody finger-trails on the wall by the stairs. The carpet texture is simple and effective! A lot of color banding though (around the light) , but thats prolly just from the image compression you used…

Well done

Looking very cool!

But why is the light on the wall so bright? The lampshade should be doing just that, shading the lamp, a bit in that direction. Only right below and right above should the bulb be able to throw direct light.

Furthermore, one way to sharpen the textures could be to make them higher resolution. Another way to not smear those blood stains would be to make them into real blodstains, perhaps. That is, modelling little puddles where there is alot of blood, and just use texturing where there is little.

May I also ask, where are you from?

thanks for the comments,

i belive the colorbanding comes both from the postwork in gimp, i used levels to enhance the contrast of the image and it seems that i overused it a bit, thanks for pointing it out. in the original the lampshade does obscure the wall more, but i guess the levels took it out too…

richard: good idea about modelling the blood, i’ve used that trick some in other pictures… here i imagined some kind of carpet for the floor where the blood would sink in a bit so i guess thats why i ended up not doing it (but mostly i think its becouse im lazy =P )

the res for the textures is at 2048 so i don’t think it will give more sharpness if i increase them.

oh… im from sthlm, why? is my english that bad =P

Nice moddy image. Very creepy, which is a good thing.

Nice to see you fixed the perspective/scale on the scissors from the WIP thread. Look much better now.

I agree about the lamp, it is indeed too bright. Some translucency on the shade with a lower power lamp inside it would make it look a bit better. Then you can have a few duplicated spots, or just one, pointing down for the main light source.

Great work.


Certainly is creepy. Seems like you forgot a piece of trim/molding. The left corner has it, but the right corner doesn’t. I’m not saying it’s wrong, just that the dissymmetry looks odd to me.

Creepy… And I like it.

No, just that “christoffer” seemed like a typical swedish spelling of the name, which I noticed being from Sweden myself :slight_smile:

Risking both going off topic and looking like some online buddy chat maniac, may I further ask your age and occupation? :slight_smile: EDIT: Checked your profile (duh!) and saw you’re a student. So the follow-up question is, what level of education? :slight_smile:

(Looking at the picture again)
Oh, I can see so much more now, looking at the picture on my ibook screen rather than on that school computer screen. I have some further comments now. With a risk of going CSI on you here, blood drops from a walking person would never be circular in that manner, they would be splattered along a line in the direction that the person was moving.

Also, as nicely modeled as the scissors are, why would they be located there? The girl obviously cut herself in another location than there, since the trail of blood leads both up to the scissors, and from there.

Is that the girl in the door? Hard to see what’s what in that case. What is she wearing? Her mothers wedding gown? :wink: If it’s a nightgown, i reckon it shouldn’t be quite so long.

With all this said, I still find this work very good and interesting; in what way you may or may not find out (being all mystical on you) :slight_smile: