Hello everyone;

This is my 2nd project in blender. Again, something simple in terms of modeling. This time I wanted to play a bit more with rendering it and the candle and flame were… interesting.

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Very nice work, I really like the shadows and texturing. I think the lighting needs to be more consistent with the scene though - the flame needs to give off light. great job!


Yeah, I would agree with that. You would expect the candle flame to reflect on the wood. Nice work though - is that a very subtle wood texture on there? Lighting and colours are nice, though the shadows distract slightly. Maybe you used a spot?

Thanks guys.

It’s lit with two area lights and an object off camera with a very low emit setting. The candles actually do emit light (I guess I know because I’ve see it without :o)

However, as with the photo I am using for a reference, the overall light of the scene doesn’t allow the candle light to become a noticeable light source other than the wax right under it. Apparently my lighting didn’t quite cause the same reaction to your eyes.

Anyway, I really appreciate your feedback. Experimenting is the only to learn.

Great work :slight_smile: Much better than I can do :slight_smile: But I’ll add my 2¢ anyway.

On the flame illuminating the candle top… I didn’t pick that up at all (although my monitor sucks right now :/). It looks like the candle top is simply reflecting light more light than the sides because it’s at a different angle. Maybe the candle light should be a little stronger, with a warmer tone or something?

Fair enough, I guess the camera wouldn’t lie about a thing like that.
Nice flame texture.