Scopes not showing anything in UV/Image Editor

Having an issue with the scopes panel, hoping someone can help me solve it.

I’m not seeing anything in the scopes region with a new rendered image open in the UV/Image Editor, no wave form, no histogram, no vector scope.
I get a sample line if I use that, but every other scope is blank.
I’ve searched but haven’t found any explanation. Could be searching for the wrong thing of course.

Help very much appreciated.

Post a screen grab so that we can see if you have something turned off?

I turned off Tabs Interface Add-on on a whim, scopes are now visible.

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Does that addon come with blender? Perhaps you should enter a bug report.

Hi 3pointEdit, No, Tabs Interface doesn’t come with Blender. I find it a big improvement over the default tabs in the tool panel. I’ve commented about the issue on the Blenderartists thread for the addon.