Score and death

im having trouble with a test game i am trying to make. i have a main plane where all the objects are/will be on and then i have a bigger plane under that. when the ball or cube hits the plane, it should add 1 point to score, and if the ball hits the plane, it should add 1 point to death. i havent got a text or anything to show the score, just the debug thingys, i amn’t using python, as i have no experience with it so i am using logic blocks instead and when the ball hits it, it resets the frame. the problem is that when the frame is reset, the death still has 1, but the score goes to 0, and when the ball hits the plane again, death stays at 1 and doesn’t change. id upload the .blend, but i dont know where to put it. any help welcome

Use to upload your file.

right. heres the link to the file

anyone looked at it?

yep ive looked at it and sorted your problem i will edit this once ive uploaded the file

Edit: here it is
it was edited in blender 2.44

thanks. works great now, exactly what i wanted