score points for every backflip

so in my continuation of my skateboard game i want the player to be able to do backflips, frontflips, and some other tricks. i have the backflip set up pretty easily, i just used a motion actuator, in which it just rotates the player. however i need a way in which to sense if the player has done a complete backflip, and then score points if its completed. any thoughts on how to do this?

Hm. If you used an armature and an IPO or F-curve actuator, I think that would make it easier, though being a noob, I have no idea how to do either of those things. Alternatively, you could possibly have two empties along the circumference of the imaginary circle created by the rotation. They would be vertex-parented to the player. Empty 1 would be above and behind the feet, and Empty 2 in the middle of the feet. Then, when the player touched Empty 1, it would be given the property “flip”. If the player touched Empty 2 and also had property “flip”, a point would be scored and the property would be removed. I think this is possible with the property actuator, though I’m not sure, as I’ve never used it.

You could also just have a delay sensor - if a second passes by after beginning the flip and the Player hasn’t crashed, he’s completed it. If he crashes, then the point isn’t scored.